ACA Election Candidate

Lauren Depue: Candidate for Small Molecule SIG Secretary/Treasurer

I first learned about the ACA from Vince Lynch, our X-ray Crystallographer at UT Austin, who encouraged me to attended a Summer ACA Workshop where I met so many amazing people and knew that I wanted to get to know other crystallographers more.  The love of science and the kindness of those in this field made it clear to me that this is where I belong.  I am the Assistant Director of Freshman Research at UT Austin and I run an undergraduate research lab where students start out learning crystal growing techniques and then dive into the synthesis and characterization of lanthanide coordination compounds over several semesters.  I enjoy teaching them lab techniques and especially X-ray crystallography as they work on their projects.  I try to send a student or two each year to the Summer ACA Workshop and they come back ready to assist in teaching their fellow undergraduates what they have learned.  As someone who learned so much from the members of ACA, I would be honored to serve the Small Molecules SIG as the Secretary/Treasurer.