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 Subject : The hows, the whys and the whats of a scientific life.. 08/10/2019 06:08:15 AM 
John Helliwell
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Dear Colleagues,
In the last few years I have written these three general interest books:-

The Whats of a Scientific Life will be published in November this year.
Each chapter in my skills book is a “How to....”, hence I refer to it as The hows in the subject line of this post.

I have been wondering how to receive community wide feedback, such as questions or suggestions, on my books and so this initiative of the ACA Forum: General Interest, looks a good way to do it.

I am wondering about a further, fourth, book within the theme of the scientific life, but my ideas are still fairly fluid....So suggestions are welcome.
There is the possibility of a novel within this theme....

Best wishes,
Emeritus Professor John R Helliwell DSc
[email protected]
Joined the ACA in 1975 (Many thanks to Professor Charlie Bugg, UAB, Birmingham, USA for my nomination).
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