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 Subject : Brookhaven Lab’s Cryo-EM facility now open for COVID-19-related rese.. 07/30/2020 12:44:52 PM 
Liguo Wang
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Subject :Brookhaven Lab’s Cryo-EM facility now open for COVID-19-related research

Dear All,

On July 29, Brookhaven National Laboratory opened its new cryo-electron microscopy center, the Laboratory for BioMolecular Structure (LBMS), with an initial focus on COVID-19-related research through an open proposal call. This state-of-the-art research center offers researchers access to advanced cryo-electron microscopes (cryo-EM) for single particle analysis of proteins and macromolecular complexes, as well as cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) of cells and tissues.

LBMS currently has two cryo-electron microscopes—funded by NY State’s Empire State Development—and the facility has space for additional microscopes to enhance its capabilities in the future. In recognition of NY State’s partnership on the project and to bring the spirit of New York to the center, each laboratory room is associated with a different iconic New York State landmark. The facility is operated through funds from the US Department of Energy Biological and Environmental Sciences.

Given the impact that cryo-EM has had in advancing COVID-19 research, the construction of LBMS was accelerated and is now open for COVID-19-related research two months ahead of schedule. Researchers working on non-proprietary COVID-19-related studies can request remote access to the instruments free of charge by submitting a COVID-19 Rapid Access proposal.

For questions regarding the LBMS facility or the call for COVID-19 Rapid Access proposals, please contact Liguo Wang at [email protected].

Best regards,

Liguo Wang
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