Poster Prize Winners

The ACA is proud to acknowledge outstanding poster presentations from students and young scientists who attend the annual meeting.  The ACA supports a number of individual poster prizes as well as partnering with crystallographic businesses to sponsor additional prizes.  Good work and congratulations to all!  

For attendees, to view the abstract, please click on the title and search for that specific poster number referenced - the link will not take you directly to the poster. 

The ACA considers reuse of poster material (including any form of transmission/upload/or otherwise making available a poster) without the explicit consent of the copyright holder to be unethical, and possibly illegal, but distribution of material may still have implications for intellectual property and publication.  An image of the poster is listed for convenience, however the author is the copyright holder of the work presented on the poster and if you would like to reference, cite and/or request more information, please contact the author directly. 

A complete list of poster prize winners will be archived and posted on this page soon!  



2021 Pauling Poster Prize

Amy Wu Wu, University of Puerto Rico

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-23

Bioinformatics and 3D Structural Analysis of the Coronavirus Main Protease Active Site Diversity 






2021 Pauling Poster Prize

Claire Overly, Purdue University 

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-20

The role of BAM in mediating Fusobacterium nucleatum infection and pathogenesis





2021 Pauling Poster Prize

Mickayla Bacorn, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-22

Biochemical analysis and review of the active site evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses



2021 Sundaralingam Pauling Poster Prize

Andrew Pham, Nebraska Medical Center

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-17

Optimizing geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase (GGDPS) crystallization





Herman R. Branson Pauling Poster Prize

Sreya Paladugu, University of Tennessee

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-06

Operando oxidation and reduction neutron scattering studies on pristine and Pt-coated ceria nanorods


IUCr Pauling Poster Prize 

Kim Phan, John Hopkins University School of Medicine

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-03

Structural basis of inhibition of the NUDIX family ORF141




Louis Delbaere Pauling Poster Prize

Dean Lang, University of Calgary

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS1-15

Structural insights into the mechanisms of substrate recognition and catalysis for the N-methyltransferases involved in benzylisoquinoline alkaloid metabolism



Journal on Structural Dynamics Poster Prize

Margaret Klureza, Harvard University

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS3-02

Innovations in Electric Field-Stimulated X-Ray Crystallography





RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Karthik Srinivasan, Purdue University

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS3-12

Structural analysis of the Toc75 Potra domains from Pisum sativum



RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize Honorable Mention

Brenna Norton-Baker, Max-Plank-Institute for Structure and Dynamic Matter and University of California

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS3-18

A simple vapor-diffusion method enables protein crystallization inside the HARE serial crystallography chip


CrystEngComm Poster Prize

Charlene VanLeuven, Clarkson University


Zwitterionic Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Capture and Release of Iodine (Image Unavailable)




Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize

Jose Martin-Garcia, Institute of Physical Chemistry Rocasolano

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS2-07

New Structural Insights into the Function of the Catalytically Active Human Taspase1



Taylor & Francis Biomolecular Crystallography Poster Prize

Rohit Jain, Case Western Reserve University

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS3-01

Elucidating lactate oxidase enzyme-biomarker lactate interactions by SAXS, crystallography and X-ray footprinting for developing a real-time stress biosensor



MiTeGen-Society of Physics Students Undergraduate Poster Prize

Jacob Christensen, Brigham Young University

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS2-21

Understanding the short-range magnetic correlations in MnTe through magnetic pair distribution function analysis 




Journal of Chemical Crystallography Poster Prize

Meng Ge, Stockholm University

ACA2021 Attendees CLICK HERE and search for PS2-25

On the Completeness of Three-Dimensional Electron Diffraction Data for Structural Analysis of Metal-Organic Frameworks