2021 Meeting Statistics & Policies

Conference Policy

The ACA recognizes the positive impact that a conference speaking opportunity has on an individual's track record and visibility. We also recognize that some sections of the scientific community are often under- represented in conference programs, and that this can affect diversity in the long-term. Our policies were developed to ensure quality and equality.

Speaker Invitation Policy

The program chairs will ensure the highest quality scientific program, with speakers that represent the broad diversity of our community. We aim to achieve a speaker and program chair balance that reflects the make-up of our community without bias with regard to gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, geography, disabilities, or national origin.

Reporting Policy

We will report statistics on the conference website on the geographic and gender balance of invited speakers, selected speakers, session chairs, and attendees.


In 2021 the ACA hosted the 71st Annual Meeting in a virtual space to 620 attendees from all over the world:

  Attendees  Invited Speakers
Male    180   126
Female   96   70
Prefer Not to Disclose   5   4
Omitted   339   6
TOTALS   620   206