The ACA Council has established a Fellows program. It serves to recognize a high level of excellence in scientific research, teaching, and professional duties, but also service, leadership, and personal engagement in the ACA and the broader world of crystallography and science. Our Fellows program celebrates the excellence of our own members from within the ACA, and promotes their recognition worldwide to constituencies outside of the ACA, such as their employers, other scientific societies, and the government. ACA Fellows will serve as scientific ambassadors to the broader scientific community and the general public to advance science education, research, knowledge, interaction, and collaboration. This program allows us to significantly recognize and honor a broader cross-section of the membership than was previously possible with other, more specific awards. We envision that eventually about 5% of the membership will be recognized as Fellows, and will announce new inductees and honor all ACA Fellows at the annual Awards Banquet.



A Fellow is defined as "a Member whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of crystallography or its applications that are scientifically or socially distinguished." Examples of areas in which nominees may have made significant contributions are research; teaching; technology; services to professional societies; administration in academe, industry, and government; and communicating and interpreting science to the public.  Fellows are elected annually by the current group of Fellows.



The procedure for nominating and selecting Fellows is as follows: 

A nomination package must be completed by the nominator, who must be an ACA member. In a cover letter, a case should be made for how the proposed Fellow meets the above criteria.  A brief CV must also be provided, as well as two letters from other ACA members supporting the nomination.
Nominations are due each year by April 1st.  All nominations will be collected at ACA Headquarters and distributed to the current Fellows for review. A score sheet shall be provided. 
Nominations for ACA Fellows should roll over twice, without any additional work for the nominator (i.e., Fellows who are nominated but not elected in one year will be automatically re-nominated during each of the following two years).
Current Fellows shall provide a yes/no/abstain vote on each nominee. 
For a candidate to be approved as a Fellow, greater than 50% of the votes actually cast for that candidate must be “yes,” AND the number of yes votes must be greater than or equal to 25% of the total number of current Fellows.  An abstain does not count as a vote.
Fellows will submit their recommendations to ACA Headquarters within three weeks of receipt of nomination papers.  Fellows will be appointed by the ACA Council if a majority of those Fellows voting are in favor.


Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Citations & Photos To Be Posted Soon!  

Craig M. Brown
Susan K. Byram
Charles W. Carter, Jr.
Elspeth Garman
Xiaoping Wang





Andrew Allen | Class of 2018
James Britten | Class of 2018
Majed Chergui | Class of 2018
Wladek Minor | Class of 2018
Thomas Proffen | Class of 2018
Janet Smith | Class of 2018
Robert VonDreele | Class of 2018
Marilyn Olmstead | Class of 2017
Brian Toby | Class of 2017
Gerard Bricogne | Class of 2016
I. David Brown | Class of 2016
Charles Campana | Class of 2016
Bryan Chakoumakos | Class of 2016
Yu-Sheng Chen | Class of 2016
Frank Fronczek | Class of 2016
Michael James | Class of 2016
Brian Matthews | Class of 2016
Arnold Rheingold | Class of 2016
Zbigniew Dauter | Class of 2015
David Eisenberg | Class of 2015
John Helliwell | Class of 2015
Hakon Hope | Class of 2015
Thomas Koetzle | Class of 2015
Paul Langan | Class of 2015
David Rose | Class of 2015
Eddie Arnold | Class of 2014
Abe Clearfield | Class of 2014
Larry Dahl | Class of 2014
George Phillips | Class of 2014
Ned Seeman | Class of 2014
John Spence | Class of 2014
Ron Stenkamp | Class of 2014
Winnie Wong-Ng | Class of 2014
Sidney Abrahams | Class of 2013
Wim Hol | Class of 2013
Jim Ibers | Class of 2013
Alex McPherson | Class of 2013
Keith Moffat | Class of 2013
Alex Wlodawer | Class of 2013
Donald Caspar | Class of 2012
Dick Marsh | Class of 2012
Virginia Pett | Class of 2012
Jane Richardson | Class of 2012
Thomas Terwilliger | Class of 2012
Helen Berman | Class of 2011
Philip Coppens | Class of 2011
Johann Deisenhofer | Class of 2011
Bill Duax | Class of 2011
Judy Flippen-Anderson | Class of 2011
Jenny Glusker | Class of 2011
Herbert Hauptman | Class of 2011
Wayne Hendrickson | Class of 2011
Carroll Johnson | Class of 2011
Isabella Karle | Class of 2011
Jerry Karle | Class of 2011
Connie Rajnak | Class of 2011
Narasinga Rao | Class of 2011
Michael Rossmann | Class of 2011
George Sheldrick | Class of 2011
B.C. Wang | Class of 2011