Current Fellows of the ACA

We are thrilled to introduce our esteemed cohort of new fellows who have joined our community. These exceptional individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to our organization. With diverse backgrounds and expertise spanning various fields, they embody the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Class of 2023
Alberto Albinati  Gloria Borgstahl Catherine Drennan Joseph Ferrara

Our new fellows have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their respective domains, and we are confident that their contributions will make a significant impact on our mission. We warmly welcome them and look forward to the incredible ideas, insights, and breakthroughs they will undoubtedly bring to our collective pursuit of excellence to an already distinguished community of fellows:

Class of 2022

Ian Wilson 
Hyotcherl Ihee 
Stephen Ginell 
Lin Chen 
Eddie Snell 

Class of 2021

Leighton Coates
Jan Ilavsky
Liang Tong
P. Lynne Howell
Frank Hawthorne
Richard E. Gillilan 
Hanna Dabkowska 

Class of 2020 Carol Brock 

Stephen K. Burley 
Larry Falvello
Bruce Foxman
Marvin Hackert 
James Kaduk 
Lisa Keefe 
Amy Sarjeant 
Hao Wu 
Victor Young 

Class of 2019 Craig M. Brown

Susan K. Byram
Charles W. Carter, Jr. 
Elspeth F. Garman 
Xiaoping Wang 

Class of 2018 Andrew Allen 

James Britten 
Majed Chergui 
Wladek Minor
Thomas Proffen 
Janet Smith
Robert VonDreele 

Class of 2017 Marilyn Olmstead 

Brian Toby 

Class of 2016

Gerard Bricogne 
I. David Brown
Charles Campana 
Bryan Chakoumakos
Yu-Sheng Chen 
Frank Fronczek 
Michael James 
Brian Matthews 
Arnold Rheingold 

Class of 2015

Zbigniew Dauter 
David Eisenberg 
John Helliwell 
Hakon Hope 
Thomas Koetzle 
Paul Langan 
David Rose 

Class of 2014

Eddie Arnold 
Abe Clearfield 
Larry Dahl 
George Phillips 
Ned Seeman 
John Spence 
Ron Stenkamp 
Winnie Wong-Ng 

Class of 2013

Sidney Abrahams 
Wim Hol
Jim Ibers 
Alex McPherson
Keith Moffat 
Alex Wlodawer

Class of 2012

Donald Caspar 
Dick Marsh 
Virginia Pett 
Jane Richardson 
Thomas Terwilliger 

Class of 2011 Helen Berman 

Philip Coppens 
Johann Deisenhofer 
Bill Duax 
Judy Flippen-Anderson 
Jenny Glusker 
Herbert Hauptman 
Wayne Hendrickson 
Carroll Johnson 
Isabella Karle 
Jerry Karle 
Connie Rajnak 
Narasinga Rao 
Michael Rossmann 
George Sheldrick 
B.C. Wang