Membership in the ACA is open to any person who is actively interested in the purposes of the Association. The ACA welcomes everyone from students to retirees. All of our members contribute to the life and vigor of the Association.  Your membership helps the ACA share our scientific passions and accomplishments through different approaches, including the annual conference, our publications and educational outreach.

The ACA was established to connect scientists and anyone interested in crystallography and the ACA strives to continue to reach that goal today. As we progress forward the ACA remembers and memorializes our past crystallographic discoveries and achievements. It is with our history and achievements that the ACA hopes to inspire future generations of explorers, scientists and crystallographers.

  2023 ACA Membership Dues
                                     Regular $145 USD
  Regular Residing in Canada $110 USD
  Retired $50
  PostDoc $50
  Student $30

X-ray crystallography is now playing a steadily increasing role in fields such as structural chemistry, protein engineering, drug design, materials science, the study of gases, liquid crystals, minerals and polymers, and the rapid development and utilization of synchrotron radiation, neutron, and electron diffraction facilities.

Crystallography is relevant to any scientist dealing with molecules, including chemists (structure, function, energetics, mechanism), biologists (as biochemists and enzymologists interested in structure and function), material scientists (nanotechnology), bioengineers, mathematicians (theory of packing, scattering, statistics), mineralogists, physicists (scattering, both theory and measurement, and assignment of electrons to nuclear centers) and pharmaceutical drug discovery (materials development).  But you do not need to be a "crystallographer" to be a member.  Membership is open to anyone interested in the structure and properties of crystals.

Students are a special part of the ACA membership.  As the future of the scientific community, students and early career scientists are a vital part of ACA. As a Student or Postdoc member, you will find a strong network of support for your studies and career in crystallography.  Through numerous opportunities for networking and publication, as well as discounted access to resources and subscriptions, ACA offers unique benefits tailored to your needs. There are also discounted meeting registration fees and opportunities for travel support so that you can make the most of your membership.  Get connected to the leading researchers, professors, engineers and business professionals in crystallography - become a Student or Postdoc member today.


Benefits to Being an ACA Member!

Get Involved and Enhance Your Career

Whether you are just getting started in crystallography or retiring from the workplace, there are opportunities to get noticed and stay connected.  Members at all levels in their careers are important to the ACA and enrich the entire community.  By being an ACA member, you have an opportunity to campaign for leadership roles that not only enhance our society but offer opportunities to grow and solidify your career in crystallography.  
  • Student Membership Pricing
  • Retired Membership Pricing
  • Free Listing In The ACA Member Directory
  • Membership In One Or More Of The Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Networking & Career Development Opportunities
  • Vote In ACA Elections
  • Volunteer/Participate (council, committees, SIGs or other ACA initiatives/programs)

Read & Publish

As an ACA member you will receive a number of scientific journal subscriptions as part of your membership as well as discounts on other publications and reduced submission fees to publish your work. 
  • Receive Exclusive ACA Content And Alerts
  • Physics Today Subscription (Twelve Issues Per Membership Year)
  • Discounts On ACA, IUCr Journals & AIP Publications
  • ACA RefleXions (Four Issues Per Membership Year)
  • IUCr Newsletter (Four Issues Per Membership Year)
  • Reduced Submission Fee To Structural Dynamics

Travel & Learn

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet, learn and share with your colleagues and mentors.  By attending the annual meeting you will not only meet members from all over the world but you will have the opportunity to explore a new and different city each year.  The ACA annual meeting provides a unique opportunity to network in the crystallographic community.  As a member receive special benefits in connection with the annual meeting:
  • Discounted Meeting Registration Fees for Members
  • Special Travel Grants for Student Members
  • Advance Notifications About Upcoming ACA Events
  • Special Discounted Hotel Rooms to the Annual Meeting for Student Members
As an American Institute of Physics (AIP) member society we are also able to give ACA members access to a wide range of benefits and services through the AIP.



Membership Renewal

ACA members pay dues annually. The dues cycle is the same for all members, with invoices for the following year being sent (via email) to current members on October 30th of the current year.  Dues for the following year are due by December 31st.  The renewal process is simple, with two easy options available to members: (1) Renew Online or (2) Renew by Phone (716-898-8600).

Renewing your dues on time each year ensures your ACA membership is continuous.  Members whose dues are not paid will be kept on the membership roster as "graced" for one year. During the new annual billing cycle such members will receive bills for the unpaid dues of the current year plus dues for the following year. Members still in arrears on January 1 of this second annual billing cycle will be dropped from the membership list.