Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award

Each Scientific Interest Group (SIG) and the Canadian Division have the opportunity to invite one student to receive an award and to present a lecture in one of the sessions organized by that SIG. Selections are based upon submitted abstracts and are independent of whether the student presenter originally requested an oral or poster presentation. Award winners are determined by the elected officers of the SIGs. Students who accept the invitation will receive a monetary award of $250, which is independent of any requests for support via the ACA Travel Awards.

2019 Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award Winners

Session: 3.2.1 Application of Anomalous Techniques in Macromolecular Crystallography

Sarah Barwell

Using the anomalous scattering of iodide to elucidate the mechanism of anionic inhibition of PEPCK

Session: 4.1.3 Cool Structures: Important Science from Small Molecule Crystallography

Matthew Brown

3D printing crystallographic data for post-printing construction

Session: 2.1.2 Microcrystal Electron Diffraction

Rebeccah Warmack

Visualization of the core of a modified Amyloid-β polymorph with MicroED



TR2 Transactions—Data Best Practices:  Current State and Future Needs

Jorge A. Daiz

Migrating the fast_dp software package for Python 2 and 3 compatibility

Session: 4.2.2 Structure Based Drug Design

Peter Curran

Hotspots API: A toolkit for the application of Fragment Hotspot Mapping to Structure Based Drug Discovery



Session: 3.1.5  Functional Sustainable Materials

Rebecca McClain

Mechanistic insight of ABiQ2 (A = alkali metal, Q = S, Se) using panoramic synthesis towards synthesis-by-design 


Session: 1.2.4 Magnetic, Quantum, and Electronic Correlated Materials

Rebecca Smaha

Interconnected Signatures of Quantum Spin Liquid Physics Across the Barlowite Family of Quantum Magnets



Session: 2.1.5 Crystal Structure Solution from Powder Data

Chia Hao Liu

Explore the symmetry encoding in atomic pair distribution function (PDF) with convolutional neural network (CNN)



Session: 3.2.3 Home-Built Software and Hardware

Oleg Mikhailovskii

MD-assisted refinement of x-ray coordinates 




Session: 3.1.3  Structural Biology Combining Solution SAS and High Resolution Methods (cryoEM, MX, NMR)

Melissa S. Gildenberg

Modeling conformationally flexible proteins with X-ray scattering and molecular simulations 



Session: 4.2.3  Cool Structures: Important Science from Small Molecule Crystallography

R. Lee Ayscue

Structural variability and luminescence color tuning in lanthanide-organic hybrid materials



Session: 1.1.2 Structure Without Structure [Structural Dynamics Session]

Jonathan A. Clinger

Cryo-trapping Crystal Studies of Photoreceptor PixJ Yield New Insights into its Photo-conversion Mechanism