ACA Election Candidate

Byron Freelon: Candidate for Neutrons SIG Chair Elect

I am an assistant professor in the physics department at the University of Houston. My research focuses on strongly correlated electron systems and low-dimensional materials including 2D magnets. By applying advanced scattering probes to these materials, my team seeks to explore novel electronic, magnetic and structural phases of matter. As part of the scattering techniques, we apply neutrons to single-crystals, powders and low-dimensional samples in specially prepared environments. I currently hold a Welch Foundation Professorship which helps to support this work. Prior to UH, I was briefly at the University of Louisville. My PhD, in condensed matter physics, was obtained from the University of Minnesota. Afterwards, I did postdoctoral work at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley. I have held scientific staff positions at Argonne National Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

My interest in being a SIG Officer is based on the time I spent as a national lab scientist and my current role as an academic researcher employing user-based neutron facilities. I am interested in advocating, on behalf of university groups, for expanded use cases of neutron facilities. I would also like to explore ways to collect information and ideas from the academic community regarding how to enhance their user experiences. If elected as a SIG Officer, I would bring enthusiasm to the planning and execution of high quality, SIG-related meetings and workshops.