ACA Election Candidate

Huiwen Ji : Candidate for Materials SIG Chair Elect

I am excited about the opportunity to serve in the position of ACA Materials SIG Chair. I am an assistant professor in materials science and engineering at the University of Utah since 2021. My recent awards include the NSF CAREER award and the ACS-PRF Doctoral New Investigator award. My research group are interested in the solid-state chemistry of battery materials and quantum materials. We are always on the watch for new characterization capabilities to establish unprecedented structure-property relationship and come up with insightful materials design guidelines. I am extremely grateful for Ben Frandsen who introduced me to this great ACA community where a solid-state chemist like me naturally belongs. I co-chaired the 2022 ACA meeting session on total scattering and diffuse scattering with Matt Krogstad. It gave me an opportunity to reach out and connect with beamline and crystallography experts. As a solid-state chemist, I very much appreciate the close ties between materials development and advanced characterization techniques. If elected, I will strive to promote the exchange and collaboration between materials scientists and beamline experts through organizing conference sessions and workshops. The ambition is to facilitate state-of-the-art measurements on the newest-generation materials and to nurture interest in materials research and beamline usage among young scientists.