ACA Election Candidate

Darya Marchany-Rivera: Candidate for BioMac SIG Secretary/Treasurer

I’m a research associate working with the Structural Macromolecular Biology group at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Currently my tasks involves user support at SSRL SMB beamlines and establishing an anaerobic working area/set-up for macromolecular crystallography that includes our UV-vis microspectrophotometer (UV-Vis ABS).

I’m also part of the Center for Structural Dynamics in Biology at LCLS focusing efforts on developing sample injector data collection at SSRL 12-1, integrating the use of injectors with UV-Vis ABS, developments of the goniometer capabilities related to the MFX instrument and, involved with training and dissemination. I’ve been a member of the ACA since 2017 and wish to be more involved in the efforts the ACA has for the Structural Biology community by serving as the 2023-2025 BioSIG secretary.