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General Information: This Library is made possible by ACA members who take the time to plan, record, edit, and submit crystallographic related content. The ACA Crystallographic video library is a resource for all members of the ACA to disseminate their knowledge to other members of the community and provide expert advice on a wide selection of fields in crystallography. Both theory and practice of crystallography will be discussed. Input from everyone in all fields of crystallography is welcomed, especially new researchers.

Submission: Please complete the video submission form  a short video description (<500 characters), and a link to a downloadable version of the video. To generate this link, we recommend uploading the video file to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

Review: Once the files are received, the editor of the educational committee will examine the video before distributing it to the YSIG reviewers. The reviewers will primarily check for the validity of the content and errors, but they may also provide stylistic feedback. Once the video and the feedback are returned, the education committee will make a final decision about publication. The decision along with feedback will be provided via email.

Publication: When a video has been selected for publication, it will be uploaded to the ACA Vimeo account. After being uploaded, a dedicated article will be created on the ACA video library. This article will include the embedded video and a brief description. You and any coauthors will be permanently credited on the video catalog page, which can be accessed from the homepage. Additionally, a weekly announcement will celebrate and thank all videos created for that given week.

Recognition: All videos published to the website are considered peer-review multi-media publications, and we encourage authors to include these publications on Resumes and CV's.An example of an ACS style citation can be seen below:

American Crystallography Association. An Introduction to Crystallography. Oliver, Allen. Vimeo, February 28, 2021. (accessed 2022-12-14).

Citations: Any reuse of the content from this library needs to fall under fair use and must be properly cited.