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 Subject : My article I think ranges across SIGs and I so I post here.. 02/16/2020 09:25:12 AM 
John Helliwell
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Dear Colleagues,
My article, weblink below and which is open access, ranges across ACA SIGs and so I think it worth posting here as General Interest. It also spans across the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics as well as crystallography, microscopy and spectroscopy (NMR and Visible). I also think it topical as it explores the current boundaries of our methods. Unexpectedly, for the life at the limits aspect of my article, I learnt of the tardigrade microanimal from a BBC University Challenge question during the (minor) revisions phase of my article ie responding to the referees.
Comments are welcome on its contents and themes either in this forum or to me directly by email.
Best wishes,
Emeritus Professor John R Helliwell DSc
[email protected]
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