Get Involved!

The ACA offers a number of unique opportunities for those in the crystallographic community to do what you love, build your resume and network among new scientists as well as established professionals. There are many ways to get involved with the ACA, from attending the annual meeting to participating in workshops and taking leadership roles. 


2023 ACA Elections/Candidates for Office

The ACA Nominating Committee is searching for candidates interested in running for election to the following positions:

Council: Vice President / Secretary

Standing Committees: Communications / Education / Meeting

We invite you to express your interest in joining the team in leading ACA or inquire about the positions. Please reach out to us by April 1 via email to Kristin Stevens @ ACA headquarters.

The Details:

The Nominating Committee's remit is to find the best candidates to stand for election for Council offices and Committees while ensuring the appropriate diversity. Diversity includes but is not limited to gender, sexual orientation, age, race, and expertise. See the DIVERSITY STATEMENT for a complete description of how we view diversity.

This year the open Council positions are that of Vice President and Secretary. The duties of and requirements for this position is described in the ACA BYLAWS.

The Communications, Education, and Meeting Standing Committees each have one open position. The duties and membership of each of the Committees are found on the ACA site under "Committees".


2023 ACA Elections SIG Officers

Interested in running for office in one of the ACA's SIGs?  Let us know of your interest by emailing the ACA by April 1 (Kristin Stevens @ ACA headquarters).


Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are the fuel that power associations. The ACA offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved and with every new volunteer, the ACA grows more energized, more diverse and inclusive, and better equipped to reach our goals.  We encourage you to strengthen your engagement with the ACA and your association peers. Email ACA (Kristin Stevens @ ACA headquarters) and let us know your are interested!  

ACA History Portal

Collaborate with ACA Historian, Virginia Pett and ACA HQ to keep, maintain and grow the ACA history portal. This can include collecting articles, videos and other historical information for the website, contacting structural scientists to interview and/or submit a living history article, etc.  

ACA Video Library A central goal of the ACA is to “advance, promote and preserve crystallography, structural science, and allied disciplines for the benefit of humankind” (  The ACA Video Library (AVL) is currently in its beginning stages and in the process of collecting content. There are opportunities to help the Education Committee collect, organize and publish content to our website.  
ACA Representatives

The ACA is a member of a number of different societies and groups which often times provides the ACA with positions in different initiatives including but not limited to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, education and public policy.  


ACA RefleXions is our quarterly newsletter published for the benefit of our members. It includes valuable information on the latest developments in database access and distribution, meeting reports, association news, awards, historical notes and book reviews. Join our editors in collecting articles, reporting on different initiatives or activities in the structural science community and/or arranging layouts and more!