Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with the ACA, from attending the annual meeting to participating in workshops and taking leadership roles. 
The ACA offers a number of unique opportunities for those in the crystallographic community to do what you love, build your resume and network among new scientists as well as established professionals. 

2022 ACA Elections/Candidates for Office

The ACA Nominating Committee is searching for candidates interested in running for election to the following positions:

Council: Vice President 

Standing Committees: Communications / Education / Meeting

We invite you to express your interest in joining the team in leading ACA or inquire about the positions. Please reach out to us by May 1 via email to Kristin Stevens @ ACA headquarters.

The Details:

The Nominating Committee's remit is to find the best candidates to stand for election for Council offices and Committees while ensuring the appropriate diversity. Diversity includes but is not limited to gender, sexual orientation, age, race, and expertise. See the DIVERSITY STATEMENT for a complete description of how we view diversity.

This year the open Council position is that of Vice President. The duties of and requirements for this position is described in the ACA BYLAWS.

The Communications, Education, and Meeting Standing Committees each have one open position. The duties and membership of each of the Committees are found on the ACA site under "Committees".

Interested in running for office in one of the fourteen SIGs?  Let us know of your interest by emailing the ACA by May 1 (Kristin Stevens @ ACA headquarters).

General Opportunities

There are a number of different ways to get involved at the ACA!
    • Submit an application to attend the ACA Summer School.
    • Submit a session topic idea to your SIG for the ACA Annual Meeting.



    • Submit an abstract to the annual meeting program .
    • If you are a student looking for financial assistance towards attending the annual meeting make sure to submit your travel application (due date March 29th). 
    • Submit a fellow nomination (due date April 1st) 
    • Research the list of available awards and submit a nomination (due date April 1st)  



    • Make sure to make hotel reservations for the ACA Annual Meeting. 
    • Attend the ACA Annual Meeting!
    • Attend the Planning Meeting. 
    • Consider running for office of a SIG. Attend your SIG’s gathering at the annual meeting to get involved and network!
    • Submit a Workshop Proposal for the  ACA Annual Meeting (due date September 1st). 


    • Cast your vote in the annual ACA Election.
    • Renew your membership!